61 Mosley Street Update

It’s been a while since we last updated you on the progress at 61 Mosley Street so here are some photos of how the refurbishment is progressing.

The first floor, which features seven smaller offices sized from 170 sqft up to 759 sqft, has had lots of work done to it since Christmas. Here’s a shot showing what the main corridor looked like before on the left) and what it looks like now (right):

And here’s another comparison photo showing the work that has taken place in one of the first floor offices:

As you can see, everything has been given a new coat of paint, the lighting has been re-done and new radiators have been installed and new ceiling tiles fitted.

Here’s a photo of what one of the upper floors now looks like:

These will be larger office between 1,740 sqft and 2,630 sqft. Like the first floor, a lot of work has been done, with some change to the layout made alongside the new lighting, radiators and paint.

Finally, here’s a look at what the reception looks like now:

Again, a lot has changed, to the layout and the décor, and it should look very impressive when it’s finished.

The building will be welcoming its first tenants in March, so keep an eye out for further updates in the near future.