61 Mosley Street Update

Hurstwood's 61 Mosley street

March has been busy for Hurstwood at our new office building at 61 Mosley Street.

With the first tenants scheduled to move in soon, there’s been a lot of work to do to get everything ready.

The ground floor reception and smaller first floor offices are now almost finished so we’re going to show you a few pictures.

First up, here’s a view of the reception area:

And here’s an image we showed you a few month ago with what the building used to look like alongside the original CGI:

Here’s a slightly different view showing what will be the reception desk:

The entrance is all glass-fronted so feel free to have a look inside if you’re in the area.
Up to the first floor now. Here’s the entrance to the business centre (right) next to what it looked like back in October (left):

As you can see, it’s all been re-painted a tiled and a brand new door has been put in.

Here’s what the 228 sqft suite 3 looks like:

And here’s a comparison shot of the 759 sqft suite 7 showing, on the left, what it looks like now and, on the right, what it was like back in October:

Again a big improvement. Almost everything has changed, and the suite now has new carpets, radiators and ceiling tiles as well as a new coat of paint.

Interest is the new suites is high so make sure you keep checking the blog for more updates in the near future.

If you require any further information about 61 Mosley Street or one of our other properties please do not hesitate to contact Sales Director Mark Carling on 0161 220 1999 or at mc@crystalhurstwood.com