61 Mosley Street Update

With everything still on schedule with the refurbishment of 61 Mosley Street (above), we thought we’d pop down and take a few pictures to show you how the work is progressing ahead of the opening in December.

Today, we’ll show you how the large, open-plan upper floors are looking. First up, the fifth floor:

As you can see, the builders are just putting in the light fittings. Even without them you can see how light the building is thanks to the large windows down the sides. Next, the third floor:

The light fittings are in already here and the bathrooms are almost done as well. Finally, the second floor:

This should give you some idea of what the finished office space will look like. The carpets and the roof are done, and there has been a smaller office partitioned off at the end. Just some general tidying up and it’s ready to move in to.

Finally a picture of the view you can expect from the building:

Here we have the view looking out towards Market Street from the roof. This is the sort of view you can expect from the top floors. As you can see, the tram runs right past the building so there’s certainly public transport handy.

You will also be able to head up to the roof and look for yourself. There was already a handrail in place when we visited and the builders were putting in proper flooring.

For more details about 61 Mosley Street, or to arrange a viewing, here, or you can search for other properties in the North-West available to let here.

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