AM2PM Take More Office Space at 61 Mosley Street

Crstal Offices - Manchester

AM2PM Recruitment Solutions, one of the first tenants to move into 61 Mosley Street following its refurbishment in 2012, have agreed a deal with Crystal to take a larger office within the building.

The recruitment specialists have signed-up for an additional twelve months at an 800 ft² in the building’s first floor business centre.

Crystal Director Andy Park said: “We are really pleased that AM2PM have committed to another twelve months at 61 Mosley Street, it is great to see them growing in such a short period of time.”

Only a handful of suites now remain at the building. For details on current availability visit the 61 Mosley Street Business Centre page. Alternatively, a new iBrochure is now available for download covering the larger 6th floor office space.