Business Centre Refurbishment Plans for Hurstwood’s Offices in Blackburn

Blackburn, November 2015 – Manchester based property developer Hurstwood is currently in discussions to begin refurbishment work, at their offices at 9 Richmond Terrace in Blackburn.

The works will include redecoration and carpeting of the offices, as well as installing an intercom system to create business centre style office suites, ranging from 68 to 247 sq ft.

Hurstwood’s Surveyor Laura Wilbourn noted: “There is real demand for smaller offices in Blackburn and we have a lot of interest in the smaller suites. We have recently refurbished our offices in various locations and they have been a huge success.

Works on site will also include refurbishing the toilet and kitchen facilities.”

More information about the offices can be found on the property page.

About Hurstwood

Hurstwood and its sister company Crystal have commercial and residential property interests in the North West, Midlands and Wales with approximately 500 occupier clients at over 100 locations.

They are based at 72 Bridge Street Chambers, Manchester, M3 2RJ. More details on the offices in Blackburn can be found at