4 tips for helping you build a career in property

Working for a property management or real estate company can be a rewarding and stressful job so we offer some tips on how to get ahead and build a career.

  • Network, network, network

  • Experience and internships

  • Get a mentor

  • Take your time

Network, Network, Network

Just like building your career in any industry your network is imperative to not only finding a job but building a personal brand around yourself, what you represent and what people think about you when they see your name. Thanks to the massive boom of social media, networking and personal branding are so important in order to stick out against the completion you must have a network and a personal brand that represents you, YOU MUST have a LinkedIn profile.

Experience and internships

The most important part of finding a career in property management ‘EXPERINCE’, having an internship that maybe only lasts a month is still so important because it could be a month more than the other candidate, but are they worth it?, well from the ‘Complete University Guide’ ‘If done properly, internships are most certainly worth it. You may find that the job or sector is not what you expected, but you should leave with a better idea of what you want to do next’’. As mentioned it’s important to find the right internship or placement that suits your career path either working under a surveyor, sales or property maintenance, there is so much to learn in property management so it’s incredibly important to get that first experience of the industry.

Get a mentor

Easy said than done, but as mentioned before the property industry is a raft of knowledge and learning so having someone to guide you through it all can only help you, our own CEO and Chairman  Stephen Ashworth FRICS was a registered mentor and has helped and guided through generations of new surveyors , though it may be a daunting prospect asking somewhere who has had years of experience for help but you will find that most people are willing to be helpful in any way they can  so don’t be afraid of sending out an email to the head of a business,  you don’t know if you don’t try as they say.

Take your time

Possibly the best advice you could ever have, don’t rush, having a career takes time and most of the time coming out of university or college you are filled with excitement and want to get a job as soon as possible but it all comes with time, it may seem like if you don’t get a job or internship straight away you’re failing this is not true, building a career in property or any industry in fact is a long process that takes patience, patience is key, so to take away anything from this blog is that if you plan carefully, be patient and just have some luck, you could potentially have a long career ahead.


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