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The history of office design.

The way an office building works has been disrupted and massively changed within the last 100 years, we look at the evolution of the office space.   1900s- The Factory Floor Office Space. 1920s- The Roaring 20’s Office.   1950s- The Introduction of Open Plan. 1980s- The Cubicle Revolution 1990s- The Virtual Office Revolution 2010- […]

2018 at Hurstwood Holdings

We’ve had a record year at Hurstwood, so we thought it best to show what we’ve been up to throughout 2018, with our purchases, refurbishments and the future developments we have planned into the new year.

Standing desks and breakout rooms, do they improve productivity?

The benefits, Standing Desks. What are standing desks and break out rooms? The benefits, break out rooms. What we are doing at Hurstwood to improve productivity and workplace well-being. ‘Sitting too much can Kill you’ seriously its true.


What is Good design? Is there a real value of good design? Competition! To quote the great Steve Jobs, ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ‘Good design’ often a well-used saturated buzzword by marketers and Salespeople to try pitch the importance of whatever the product […]