Century House Open For Opportunity

century house

January 19th, 2017

Crystal Hurstwood are thrilled over their recent acquisition of Century House in St. Helens. The property, located at 10 Hardshaw Street directly in the heart of the bustling Town Center, takes full advantage of its central location.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunities Century House will provide for local businesses. It’s a site that we’ve had our eye on for years, and we’re pleased that it is now ours,” says Andy Park, Managing Director for Hurstwood.

Situated right next to the town train and bus stations, Century House boasts ease of access for its prospective businesses. The front of the building opens up to an attractive pedestrian-only walk which easily connects the local shops and entertainment. Town Hall and the well known Hardshaw Street Shopping Centre are on tap as well.

“In terms of value for where you are, it doesn’t get any better than Century,” remarks Park; “We’ve already invested heavily into the building, and we’ll be offering meeting rooms and wifi breakout rooms in addition to the offices so that there is more on offer for our tenants. Those interested will find that our current offerings are very business-friendly.”

One of Century House’s many promising features is a customized coffee-shop portico attached to the pedestrian walk of shopper-friendly Hardshaw Street. “For a local service business, you couldn’t ask for better footfall,” says Chloe Ellerby, Graduate Surveyor and Head of Marketing for the St. Helens region.

Interested in an opportunity to be at the center of it all? Contact Chloe: chloe.ellerby@crystalhurstwood.com or 0161 220 1999.