A lease in 2018 | The complete checklist

Negotiating a lease is a long thought-out process , so we thought we’d offer some tips and helpful advice on completing a lease in 2018.

  • Having legal advice

  • Knowing your Heads of terms in and out

  • Break clause and rent review.

The Waterfront, Knott- end-on-Sea

Having Legal advice.

One of the most important aspects of undertaking a lease. Recommended heavily by ourselves and other landlords, having legal advice helps you understand the ins and outs of your lease and allows the process of handover between tenant and landlord to be a lot simpler and quicker.

The Waterfront, Knott- end-on-Sea

Knowing your Heads of terms in and out.

Heads of terms reflect the deal reached between the landlord and the tenant so that the lease can be prepared. The key terms to note are the property itself, rent, length of term, permitted use and any other fees like service charge, insurance and deposit. It’s important to know every section of your heads of terms, rushing into a lease without proper guidance can cause unwanted problems for the landlord and tenant down the line.

The Important terms.

Rent: The rental agreement is usually granted on marketed evaluation, rent can be paid quarterly in advance or monthly, we always recommend setting up a direct debit, so the process of payment is easy on yourself and ours.

Fee’s: The important fees added onto the rent are service charge and insurance which are costs incurred by the landlord for running and maintaining shared parts of the buildings or estate. And the deposit which protects the landlords in case of bankruptcy or liquidation of a tenant. 

The Waterfront, Knott- end-on-Sea

Break clauses and rent reviews.

Break Clause

A break clause allows the tenant to end the lease early, in accordance to any conditions that are met under the agreed lease, all conditions of the break clause must be met otherwise the landlord can contest the break clause.

Rent Review

Rent reviews are usually carried out during the term of a lease, depending on the length, they allow the landlord to assess the property’s value and dependent on inflation or market value, increase the rent.


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