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Cheshire Wildlife

Last week we visited Cheshire Wildlife, Bickley Hall Farm to discuss how we can assist them with their Property Management needs and how we could provide further knowledge and assistance in helping them effectively market their sustainable furniture brand, Create for Nature.


Cheshire Connect, who works with local charities granting them access to expertise and skills from local and nationwide business first put us in contact with Cheshire Wildlife trust regarding two issues they needed assistance on.

Firstly Cheshire Wildlife is a part of the nationwide wildlife trusts that offer services including planning and wildlife advice whilst training local communities and business in improving their knowledge of the local environment. Hurstwood’s Managing Director Andy Park and Digital Marketer Ryan Croll visted them to assisted in two areas, firstly offering advice on how they could improve Bickley Hall Farms structure including opening a brand-new loft and offering contacts who would gladly support the trust with the property management of their scheme.

We also offered to help them by providing digital marketing expertise to assist with their new furniture project, Create for Nature. The project involves Cheshire Wildlife using donated wood from corporate partners to create bespoke Wooden furniture using a converted cowshed as their workshop, this allows Cheshire Wildlife to create a new revenue stream to be used for new projects for Cheshire Wildlife, while also creating furniture that is fully sustainable which reduces landfill by recycling trade waste and also provides work-based training for the youth of the region.

Through our meetings with their marketing team, we offered advice on how they could better utilise their social media, showing them new e-commerce features on Instagram which will help them sell their furniture, and assisted them in creating new strategies which allow better ranking through online search engines and extending our knowledge of Digital Marketing services that could assist in the success of the Create For Nature website.

At Hurstwood we are committed to supporting charities, Giving back to local communities is a part of our DNA and we were delighted to support a trust like Cheshire Wildlife.

Make sure to check out Cheshire's Wildlife Life social media accounts and Create for Natures Instagram pages and Esty Shop.