How To Make An Office Perfect For Creativity

You probably spend more time in your office, at your desk and in front of your computer than you do at home. Whatever job you do, your office can sometimes feel like your second home. And like our homes, we all want our offices to be a place where we feel calm, productive and creative. If you don’t feel like you’re at your best at your desk, can you guarantee your work is going to be at the standard you know you can achieve?

Your surroundings have a major impact on the work you produce and how you feel within yourself. A poor office space can negatively affect your productivity, innovation and creativity. So here are a few tips on how to boost team morale and make your office space a hub of creativity for both you and your team.

1. Open it up

Open-plan offices are a great way to boost productivity and encourage collaboration. Having the ability to talk to colleagues with ease not only speeds processes up but promotes good team bonding. Segregating your team creates a divide between staff and creates a quieter atmosphere. When staff are able to chat easily, share current problems and curate ideas, atmosphere buzzes with innovation. If you need a wall, make it a glass one.


2. Clusters and break out rooms

Uniform lines of desks are becoming a thing of the past. Creating spaces for people to work together is a great way to promote productivity and encourage team work and sharing of ideas.

Having a change of scenery is also important for creativity, designed rooms for staff to take a break away from their desks helps to reduce stress.


3. Light and bright

Dark rooms equal dark moods. Research has shown that blues, greens and whites are good for productivity and innovation while reds, yellows and oranges are not.  A dark room can make people feel sleepier whereas a bright room can encourage more positive energies.

Increase natural light with windows. Artificial light can cause eye strain and headaches, not conducive to a good day at work.


4. Let your team take control

Ask your team what will help them work. What will help them feel more comfortable at their desk? How will it benefit their productivity? What will hinder their creativity? Everybody is different, especially in the work place, so knowing what will help each individual team member is a great way to get 100% out of your team.


You don’t have to fork out loads to have offices like Google, but investing in your office environment is important. With a few minor changes in your decor, you could be seeing major changes in your team.

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