Hurstwood Guess the Desk

We post a lot of pictures on this blog of the offices we have available across the North West. But, as it’s Friday afternoon, we wanted do something a bit different. So we thought we’d take you behind the scenes at Hurstwood towers and give you a glimpse of what our own office looks like.

Below are four photos of desks occupied by a member of the Hurstwood team at our Manchester office. Can you guess whose is whose? (Answers on Monday).

Tidy desk = tidy mind apparently. We couldn’t possibly comment…

Answer: Agency and Development Surveyor Andrew McCormack

Fancy desk, must belong to someone important…

Answer: Managing Director Andy Park

Very tidy desk. That could be because the person in question has been on holiday this week.

Answer: Sales Director Mark Carling

Last but by no means least, the shining star of Hurstwood whose radiant presence brightens up the office (and who may have written this himself).

Answer: Marketing Assistant Stephen Farrell

Got any ideas? Let us know your guesses in the comments below, or see larger photos on our Facebook page.