An interview with Interior Designer Joanna Murray



I like to think my style and designs stand the test of time and are more classic than contemporary

Joanna Murray talks her own inspiration, what she does day-to-day and working with Hurstwood.


We spoke with Joanna about what inspired her to become an interior designer, which projects have been her favourite and the projects she has worked on for Hurstwood.



Tell us about your role as an interior designer on a project and what you do day-to-day?

Day to day I work on putting schemes together, drawing plans, sketching room schemes, exploring what works well, overcoming any limitations and ensuring the client’s requirements have been met.


Are there any interior design style you favour or dislike?

I always lean towards simple designs and steer away from following current trends.  I don’t like things too fussy and would never go for lots of patterns.  I like to think my style and designs stand the test of time and are more classic than contemporary.  I favour Danish designs for their simple interiors but also love how English interiors pull things from many continents with some lovely antiques thrown in for good measure.


Tell us about your background in interior design and how you got to where you are today?

I have always had a passion for interiors and everything to do with creating a beautiful home.  After having a family and wanting to return to work I decided to follow my passion and enrolled on an interior design course at KLC school of design at Chelsea Harbour, I’m actually still completing the course but have been lucky enough to work on projects whilst still being a student.


Where do you get your ideas and inspiration for your designs?

It does depend on the project, but I tend to look at the natural resources the world has to offer, I love using wood and also colours like blue and green that reflect the world. 

How important are social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to you as an interior designer?

Instagram is integral to an interior designer these days and the big names in the industry have a huge following as you can imagine.  Pinterest is great if you have an idea and you want to just see it in situ but Instagram is where you can gain inspiration from lots of different areas like travel and luxury hotels for example.  Instagram is your platform to showcase your work, increase your followers and hopefully gain some business!

After working with Hurstwood on several projects, what is your favourite refurbishment or development that you’ve worked on?

I’ve really enjoyed all the projects I’ve worked on at Hurstwood and seeing the projects coming together is hugely satisfying, but if I had to pick one, it would be Menai, as the setting is so beautiful, it’s such a calm and peaceful place to be, and I hope the interiors in the 2-bedroom show apartment reflect that.

Joanna has worked on multiple projects with Hurstwood, including refurbishments at Hurstwood Court, Link 665 and currently Edwin Foden Business Centre but also has worked on developing the interior at our luxury apartment scheme MIN Y DON in Menai.

How has the experience of working with Hurstwood been?

I love working with Hurstwood, they are such a friendly and welcoming team, with it being a family-owned company it has a personable approach with a willingness to try new things.

For more information on the projects, Joanna has been working on please follow the link below: