Manchester Pride 2018

Its Manchester Pride this week,celebrating over 33 years of LGBT stretching back to 1985 when the Manchester Gay Pub and Club Olympics and Gay Centre Fun day took Place on August Bank Holiday

Pride is more than just a party, its celebrates the diverse culture we have in Manchester, it celebrates how far we have come in the goal of equality, though the fight never stops as prejudice against the community continues throughout the world, with LGBT’s  being arrested, persecuted and even murdered for just being who they are, events like this are needed more than ever.

Here at Hurstwood we firmly believe in supporting the LGBT+ community, we don’t believe events like this to be just a publicity stunt to improve out brand reputation, we truly believe that all people no matter race, gender or religion are treated equally, so with pride we’ve honoured the people at the event and change our logo to the rainbow colours, embracing the celebration of equality. We also implore anyone and everyone to go to the event and support the community.

Here is a fantastic article on how Manchester Celebrates pride and the festivities that are taking place.

If you would like any tickets to the event check out the website below

FINALLY, here is the Manchester pride website they are a fantastic charity who do amazing work. 

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