Mosley Street and Beyond

In the last few weeks we’ve shown you the various offices we’re going to be providing at 61 Mosley Street, both in their current, partially refurbished form, and what they will look like when completed. Now we thought we’d show you some of the amenities just a short walk from the building.

First we’ll show you some of the local businesses that are right on the doorstep.

This is the nearest supermarket, located right across the street.

Here are two of the restaurants/cafes that are in the area:

And this might be the most important amenity of all, the local pub:

You might recognise this building as the Portico library. The library still has space in the building, but the ground floor is now a bar/restaurant. For culture fans, the Manchester Art gallery is also on this street.

Finally, here are a couple of pictures of Mosley Street itself:

You can see our building on the left, opposite the supermarket we showed you earlier. If you carry on further down this road, you will reach the St Peter’s Square tram stop.

This is the view looking the other way down Mosley Street. Our building is on the right of the picture. Further down this road is the Mosley Street tram stop and, just beyond that, Piccadilly bus station and gardens.

Of course, as the building is in the centre of Manchester, these are just a small selection of the amenities that are available.