Mosley Street Update

For this week’s 61 Mosley Street update, we’re going to show you some computer animated pictures of what the finished building is going to look like, focusing on the reception area.

The picture at the top of the page shows a comparison between what the building looks like now, and how it will look when finished. There’s still quite a bit of work to do, but it’s mostly cosmetic. The actual layout is currently pretty much as it is on the final design.

Here’s a picture of the reception image above on its own:

This is the view you will have when you enter the building from Mosley Street. Here’s another view of the area:

This shows the seating area (on the right hand side in the second image) where guest ill wait. Looks like a nice place for a sit down.

And here’s the reception desk itself:

And here’s another view from behind the desk, looking out onto the reception area:

That should give you a good idea of what the ground floor reception is going to look like but here’s the actual plan of the floor so you can get a complete picture:

Obviously, some details will change during the refurbishment but, as you’ve seen from the previous blogs, things are progressing well so far.

Next week we’ll be out and about on Mosley Street itself to show you the local sights and what shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. are around.

For more details about 61 Mosley Street, or to arrange a viewing, here, or you can search for other properties in the North-West available to let here.

Also look out for further updates on our 61 Mosley Street blog. Also, take a look at our blog about our building at Crown House in Worksop, which combines a retail unit on the ground floor and offices above.