Mosley Street Update

Last Friday we headed back down to 61 Mosley Street, our new office building in Manchester city centre, to take a few more pictures so you can see how the work is progressing.

We have shown you quite a bit already, the smaller office suites on the first floor, the larger offices higher-up and the views from the roof. So this time we thought we get some pictures of part of the building you haven’t seen as much of.

First up, this is what the third floor currently looks like:

We missed this floor out on our last trip bt there’s a lot happening here. Most of the initial clearing out has been done and the builders are preparing to put in the lighting and the new furnishings.

Down the far end of the room, you can see the smaller offices that have been partitioned off. Here’s a closer look:

There are plenty of windows in these smaller rooms so they still get plenty of light, but are also separate room the rest of the floor. Here’s a shot of the same, smaller offices on the second floor which should provide a better idea of what the final room will look like:

The layout here is slightly different, with the office on the left lightly bigger than on the floor above. In this picture, it looks like one l-shaped room, but there is a divide down the centre. The office on the left is still quite large though.

Down another floor now and we’ll show you a couple more pictures of the first floor. We showed you this floor in detail on Wednesday. When completed, it will feature seven smaller, separate office suites.

This is a picture of the entrance to suite 3 from the doorway of suite 1:

Don’t worry; the walls won’t be bright yellow when we’re finished. The builders have finished stripping them and repairing any damage and they are now ready to be redecorated. Here’s a view of the 1st floor corridor:

Suite 7, the largest on this floor is at the end. The entrances to the other offices are on the left and the bathrooms on the right. The offices on this floor are no larger than 225 sq ft and are ideal for smaller businesses.

For more details about 61 Mosley Street, or to arrange a viewing, here, or you can search for other properties in the North-West available to let here.

Also look out for further updates on our 61 Mosley Street blog. Also, take a look at our blog about our building at Crown House in Worksop, which combines a retail unit on the ground floor and offices above.