Prince of Wales Visits Weavers Triangle

Prince Charles was in Burnley this week for his fourth visit to town in six years.

He was there to view the regeneration work that has been undertaken in the Weavers Triangle area that his charities have been heavily involved with.

Hurstwood have their own property in the area, a former builder’s yard on Hammerton Street (shown above), which has recently become available let.

Whilst at Weavers Triangle the Prince visited Slaters Terrace, a derelict canalside building, and Victoria Mill.

Speaking to press and dignitaries during his visit the he said: “”I understand only too well people are having a terribly difficult time, but someone has got to do something. What we’re trying to do here is just to see if there’s a way of tackling many of the issues that have led to a sense of hopelessness and despair.”

He added: “You can use the existing identity of a place to build that confidence and hope again.”

For more information on Hurstwood’s Weavers Triangle property, click here, or here, to search for other Lancashire properties to let.