In Today’s Blog We Discuss the importance of good design in a property and the real-world implications of having a design first strategy.

  • What is Good design?

  • Is there a real value of good design?

  • Competition!

To quote the great Steve Jobs, ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

‘Good design’ often a well-used saturated buzzword by marketers and Salespeople to try pitch the importance of whatever the product or service is has lost its importance. Here at Hurstwood we feel the design is the number one priority when it comes to a building. A property must not just be well built, it must within the first five seconds of a person being their make them understand the purpose of its design and most of all the experience of viewer make them not want to leave. So today to go along with our beliefs on design, we show three reasons why having a design first property strategy could have real-world Implications for your business.


What is good design?

This question can be answered with endless arguments and opinions, it differs on that person's view of a property, but for basic good design in a property it must have good construction, High ceilings, quality ventilation, and offer good natural light, most important its safety features. Following the horrible tragedies of Grenfell Tower safety in property has now been put into the public eye, so for developers the importance of incorporating good safety features in the design stage and to not compensate can not only improve the quality of the building but also can be positive for your brand in the eyes of the public.

Is there a real value of good design?

In short YES, a research report from the amazing people at CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers) came out with a fascinating report on consumer views on good design in a property. The Key facts are.

  • 77% of people believe they work more productively in well-designed offices
  • 72% of people Agree that Well Designed homes will increase in value quicker than average houses.
  • 66% of people Disagree with 'How streets look and feel makes no real difference to crime.


The most important reason for having design as the focal point of your property, being better than everyone else. If we look at the shard in central London , a beautiful example of British Railway inspired architecture and Italian design, now the tallest building in the European Union, its height is not what makes it such a beautiful building, the time going into its design process has made the building what is it and now recognised as London’s new Emblem, taking from such buildings as 30 St Mary Axe ‘The Gherkin’. This shows that focusing on being better than your competition in the design phrase will eventually show the true value of a property.