Second Mosley Street Update

We’ve just published the first news item on our refurbishment of 61 Mosley Street to our website (here) so we thought now would be a good time to show you some more of the photos we took when we visited on Monday.

This time we’ll show you how work on the smaller office suites on the first floor is progressing. But first up, the pictre at the top of the page. This shows the first thing we did to the building. We gave it a good clean. It makes a big difference doesn’t it?

Now, onto the inside. This is the entrance area:

As you can see, there is still plenty of work going on but a lot has already been done. The lift, which you can see straight ahead, is already working. Next, up the stairs to the first floor:

This photo is looking up from the stairs at the 109 Sq Ft Suite 2. Even with signs covering the windows, it still looks nice and light in there.

This is Suite 4:

It’s slightly smaller than suite 2 at 106 Sq Ft. As you can see, the lighting is installed and working and the builders are in the process of taking out the old radiators and replacing them. Finally on the first floor, this is the main corridor:

As with the upper floor, there are bathrooms don the right hand side. To the left are the entrances to the office suites. Altogether there are seven office suites on this floor with the biggest at 223 Sq Ft and the smallest at 52 Sq Ft.

Finally, another shot from the roof:

This time it’s a view across Manchester city centre’s skyline.

For more details about 61 Mosley Street, or to arrange a viewing, here, or you can search for other properties in the North-West available to let here.

Also look out for further updates on our 61 Mosley Street blog.