Social media – 4 ways it has changed the property industry

With Hurstwood holdings being a property investment business, we have decided to look at the impact of social media on the industry and its importance. 

  • Facebook has become a powerhouse

  • Using Instagram as a virtual brochure

  • The importance of Video on YouTube

  • Building Client relationships with LinkedIn

Facebook has become a powerhouse.

Everyone uses Facebook, well almost everyone, there are more people in the entire world that have a Facebook account than who don’t, that’s 2.23 billion monthly active users with approximately 3.2 billion people that have access to the internet. So the opportunities are endless, it’s not just the numbers that make Facebook such an attractive business model it’s the features the site has, its ad network can target detailed users who you want to attract right to what they like to eat its simple and effective to spread awareness, in the USA 69% of real estate agents use Facebook because it works, even when not its analytics help you understand every step you took that affected negatively or positively.

It also has features that allow your customers to know exactly what you offer; real estate firms can put their whole property listing through Facebook marketplace, that takes you right to the users Facebook profile. There are endless features to Facebook in real estate, it’s important to be as creative as possible and not see it as a list for your properties, it must be used in the right way and engage with the audience.

Using Instagram as a virtual brochure

Photography has always been seen as a major player when promoting real estate realtors just needed that outlet to show off their properties om social media and Instagram is that platform, with it being the fastest growing social media platforms out there with one billion monthly active users up 200 million from the year before this platform should be at the heart of a real estate’s strategy when it comes to photography, its explore and stories section almost turn the app into a virtual magazine or brochure for its users , the ability to edit its photos though common in every social app is important being an image-based platform. Overall Instagram should be up there as one of the major users for a real estate business in there marketing and its importance will only grow with the introduction of IGTV its portrait video service.

The importance of video on YouTube

Video is a fantastic way to promote real estate, it can do so much more than an image ever could, it allows you to show a customer the details of the property and show off the amazing work done to the property. We know this know, what to take from this is how to use it and where to use it, this is where YouTube comes in. YouTube have over 1 Billion active users every month, making it the most popular video website on the web, with it being a social platform it allows instant feedback from users to potential clients who can see and look at a home or property without evening having to leave the home and with technology like VR and AR virtual viewings are becoming far more  prominent  which helps the client but also the surveyor who can save time and effort.

Building Client relationships with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn most prominent attribute to a property company is leads. With LinkedIn being a B2B focused networking site the way you use it is different to others, see LinkedIn as an online networking event or meeting its comes down to its users being focused on networking for business purposes, this allows ads to placed very specifically to what you want, it allows the user or client to find exactly what they want from a business perspective as well, this allows property companies to be directing involved with business who want their space and vice versa.