Sustainability | 4 reasons why its important in building property.

In Today’s blog, we look at the importance and impact of sustainable materials and policies in buildings properties.

  • Energy use

  • Long Lasting Buildings

  • Improved Re-Sale Value

  • Corporate social responsibility

Energy use

 Construction and building account for a lot of the UK waste, with 32% of landfill waste coming from the construction and demolition of a building, another frightening fact with 13% of products delivered to construction sites are being sent directly to landfill without being used.

Once it has been decided to build new buildings, a very significant commitment to consuming resources has already been made. Therefore, ourselves and other property developers need to focus on how we can reduce the waste from our buildings.

An example of Green construction comes from the ‘Two rivers shopping park’ in Staines- upon- Thames, with international investment group ‘’Aberdeen Asset Management’’ who worked with M&G Real Estate on responsible retail construction.

The outcome of this development was incredibly positive with zero waste to landfill, £26,00 landfill tax averted annually, 90% less CO2 emissions from waste management vehicles and popular electric car charging points.

Sustainability in apartments

Longer Lasting Buildings

The main concept of a sustainable development or building is for it to be long-lasting and lower maintenance. Sustainability can be achieved by using such materials as concrete flooring & walls, natural fiber wool carpeting, and timber. Using these materials in the building process could save time and precious money in development and could add years on the building's lifespan.

Sustainability in Corporations

Improved Re-Sale Value

Does building a ‘green’ property benefit when it comes to re-sale?. The data tells us yes it does by a large margin, a study from the national appraisal experts in America says you can save tens of thousands of pounds , the study matched high-performance energy and resource-conserving houses against those in a  similar areas without, the findings show that the green efficient houses would make on average $10,343 to $53,000 more on its resale value. 

Sustainability in Corporations

Corporate social responsibility

When it comes down to it,  there is more than just saving money or adding to a property’s value, there is a responsibility to a real estate builder or property investor to think green when building to help build a sustainable future, following the new report issued by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, which warns that the planet will reach the crucial threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius as early as 2030. 

Now all property builders must design their buildings that either curve the levels of greenhouse gas emissions or build developments that would be able to cope with the changing weather and man-made events that could potentially come from climate change.