Sustainable Office Buildings: The Top 5 In the World.

Using the buildings BREEAM Certification, which provides third-party certification of its sustainability performance, we can rank the top sustainable office buildings and how developers produce sustainable buildings.



  1. Geelen Counterflow, Haelen, The Netherlands

Geelen Counterflow is a specialist in dryers and coolers, the industry is known for being energy-intensive. They set out to create an HQ that would have a zero-carbon footprint, ( that generates the same amount of renewable energy as it used. )

The HQ uses mass-timber as its material for walls, floors, and roofs.  This limits waste and offers flexibility for future construction and offers various safety features.

Other environmental initiatives the building uses are rubber floors, bio-based roofing, triple glazing and electric charger ports for cars. Overall the work gone into the building helped it gain an outstanding BREEAM rating and score an overall 99.94% which is the highest on record.


       2. Bloomberg London HQ 

Technology and Mass Media corporation created their state-of-the-art HQ with a focus on sustainability to reflects the company’s sustainability commitment.

The building is 1.1 million Sq. Ft of office space, the sustainable innovations include –

Breathing Buildings – This is a wonderful innovation in structural design, the building use bronze blades on the outside of the building. Based on adequate weather conditions the blades will open and close to allow natural ventilation, this reduces the need for mechanical ventilation or Air Con and means that the building can drastically reduce its energy consumption.

Water Conservation – Rainwater from the roof and various other sources around the building is captured, recycled and used in the toilets as vacuum flushers, saving over 25 million litres of water each year.

Smart Airflow – Smart senses allow better control and distribution of the air dependent on the number of people occupying a specific section of the building at a time, this reduces C02 emissions by 300 metric tonnes each year.

This innovation in sustainable technology meant that the building was awarded one of the highest BREEAM rating in the world with a score of 99.1%.


   3.The Edge, Amsterdam.

Designed for global financial firm Deloitte in the business district of Amsterdam, the 430,000 Sq. Ft office building is designed to be a smart and sustainable building and is strategically placed to take advantage of the suns path by using solar panels on the southern side that shields the office from the intense sun, with over 65,000 sq.ft of solar panels placed it allows the building to cut its energy consumption. As per Bloomberg, the building recycles its water to flush toilets and to feed the green terraces in the surrounding areas of the building, the BREEAM rating for the building was Outstanding and scored 98.36%.

      4.One Angel Square, Co-Operative Group HQ, Manchester.

The 15-story building was designed as the Co-operatives Group new headquarters, with the Co-ops 3,000 employees located in the building. The building has a unique system of louvers that creates natural heating, lighting and cooling which in the summer allows warm air trapped to rise out of the building and in the winter, they close to insulate the building. Other features include high-efficiency passenger lifts, low energy lighting, and rainwater recycling systems. The building was awarded a score of 95.16% and Outstanding Rating.

      5.7 Air Street, London.

This was a redevelopment of two proprieties named Quadrant House and 7-9 Air Street, overall 63,000 sq.ft. Floor 1-5 are refurbished, floors 6 and 7 were torn down and rebuilt. The sustainable efforts that went into this development included reducing CO2 emissions by 53% and including several ecological measures that attract wildlife to its green spaces. The redevelopment was awarded a score of 94.16%