Tenant Profile – Positive Impact Events.

''Our vision is a sustainable event industry by 2020''

Our profiles look at the ins and out of what goes on at some of Hurstwood tenants. Today we speak to Positive Impact Events at Bridge Street Chambers in Manchester City Centre. 


Positive Impact is a global not for profit organisation,  which provides education and collaboration opportunities to create a truly sustainable event industry, currently based in one of our suites at Bridge Street Chambers, Manchester City Centre. We met with their Head of Marketing and Culture Bev Ridyard to talk about the important work they do.

'‘Where not an events agency, we educate and spread the important message of sustainability in the events industry. We are able to produce new, innovative technology to help sustainability champions measure and report their figures’.

Positive Impact Events run numerous campaigns that help spread awareness of sustainability within the event industry, their most recent being a campaign to tackle the use of plastic within events.  They work with industry insiders on lowering their use of plastic through their Event Sustainability app that gathers and reports data to determine how they can be more sustainable.

The company have also been working on girls creating,  a campaign which wants to encourage women to talk about who has inspired them,  ‘’We don’t just want women to talk, we feel its important to have as many men as possible to engage and talk about what women inspired and empowered them''. They reiterated about the importance of women, especially young women having a voice and having the platform to do so, ‘’ We feel campaigns like this are more important than ever to spread awareness of these women and their incredible stories''.

Through the campaign, everyone can hear their story and we implore you to check out the campaign page and share your stories too. On the 8th of March, they are running a webinar for International Women’s day called Four inspiring lessons I wish I'd known when I was seven, where you can hear some amazing women sharing the lessons they wish they’d known when they were seven.

As a not for profit organisation, Positive Impact Event relies on the use of internships to help the day to day running’s of their programmes or campaigns. ‘Our interns are a massive part of our how we run, we feel giving them the responsibility of a project gives them the confidence to further learn new skills which they can use throughout their career.

We are immensely proud to have tenants such as Positive Impact Events working to make a real difference in their industry and we can’t wait to see them grow further. You can help Positive Impact by becoming an ambassador, working as an intern or just donating. For more information visit their website https://www.positiveimpactevents.com/.