Tenant Profiles – Taremtec


Offering automated technology solutions to improve security and automation in social care and education, Taremtec attempts to bring a new level of safety and bring modern and secure visitor management solutions to several sectors.  We chatted with Sales Manager Fintan Hunt about the technology solutions they offer, the importance of data protection and the growing impact of automation in business. 


Give a brief description of who you are and what your business does? 

‘Our company is a technology solutions business who offer services that are designed to remove paper based sign-in systems in several different sectors, from care houses to schools, our solutions are there to better safeguard students and vulnerable people’.


Could you go into more detail on the products Taremtec offer? 

Our flagship product is the CBSecurepass, which provides secure visit management solutions, primarily focused around the care and education industry, our CBSecurepass massively improves the safeguarding of the establishment but importantly improves its reputation by improving their image, security, and control. We also offer a fully automated biometric payroll solution that massively improves productivity and saves countless man hours in preparing wages’’.

How important is customer service when you are safeguarding vulnerable people, especially older and younger customers? 

‘’Our customer service is incredibly important, we are very transparent with parents and family members with how we hold and keep the data, they can know how long we hold the data for and where the data is stored, the system in place is so robust and places great importance on safety and security.

With your technology solutions primarily focusing on automation, do you feel that it’s a good thing software is becoming more automated? 

‘’With automation I feel like its growth is a good and a bad thing, in 10 years time when we see the major impact of automation, there could be potential job losses in major sectors and the way we live and work as a society will change, however the opposite to that is you can’t say automation hasn’t greatly improved productivity and offers a greater sense of security and control’’.


Keeping a person’s data protected is now one of the most requested features of any software or service, with the introduction of GDPR, do you feel we have done enough to protect a user’s data? 

‘’Before GDPR, no one knew the importance of data protection, data protection laws went from a nice thing to then a necessary regulation in our society, but now GDPR has been completely implemented, the wider society knows that having their data protected is an essential right’’.


As being one of our tenants in the newly refurbished Building 5 at New Hall Hey, how has your experience been so far?

‘’The experience of moving was stress free, very well managed and very well organised, when there was a problem, Hurstwood handles it well. I’d also like to give thanks to your estates team, specifically one of your colleagues Aimee who had great customer service and problem-solving attributes, and the maintenance team who were on hand to fix any issues that needed handling’’.


It’s great to have forward-thinking businesses like Taremtec as part of the Hurstwood family, if you’d like to join Hurstwood and take the next step in growing your business, check out our available properties.