Tenants profiles – Hurstwood Court

We spoke to some tenants at Hurstwood court in Rossendale to see how they are settling into their brand-new suites, firstly Dreamscope.tv.

The people at Dreamscope pride themselves on offering what is new, 'We’ve built our company on understanding the top end and riding the wave of what do customers and clients want next, what is going to beat the competition and what the next big thing is'. We got a chance to sit down with their founder Darren to find out more about how they are reacting to the technology revolution and how they are settling into their suite at Hurstwood Court.


‘We immerse ourselves in the technological world to provide things that other people couldn’t provide, the experience side is exactly where we are centred it’s the core of our business’.


Dreamscope are visual experience specialists this means  ‘they do anything that moves on a screen’, which can be from a straight forward camera job to full motion graphic or full animation video, whilst using the newest technology hardware, examples being 360 cameras that deliver 8k resolution, accompanying that with the latest in software technology, with the use of AR and VR.

The race for what is new has dramatically changed how the technology works even in the past two years, Dreamscope has been able to ride that wave and create stunning new and exciting experiences for its customers. As fast as the technology has advanced, so has the business, ‘from a business point of view, the bottom end of the business, the point and shoot, we don’t go after those because there is no need or market due to the increase in quality of smartphone cameras, the bottom end is saturated’.

Who are their clients?

This change in business model has allowed them to reach high-end clients, two examples being a high production video in Turkey and Qatar for Northrop & Johnson who make and sell high-end multi-million-pound yachts. Secondly, Mr Fitzpatrick, which is based in another Hurstwood property in Rossendale at The courtyard, they are a vintage cordial brand who worked with Dreamscope on a fully animated campaign describing the way you can use and build their products. This doesn’t stop their ‘At any one time we have 8-12 different projects and are always completely different, that’s why I love my job, it allows me to do something different each day’.

Why Hurstwood Court?

‘Originally when we started out, we were in the Granada building, but I wanted to bring the business close to home, most of our clients are from around the world so there was no need to be based in central Manchester, we moved into another Hurstwood building next door at Hardmans Business Centre, but we had far too much space and straight away Hurstwood Court accommodated our need for a smaller office space’.

Straight away the design of Hurstwood Court drew Dreamscope in, they pointed out that the office space was a ‘beautiful build, with a fantastic design and a warm, friendly and enjoyable place. 'The breakout area is a great place to just relax, sometimes I just sit down there to do some work, it’s very tastefully done, but for me, I like that it’s close to nature as soon as you are here you feel like you’re in the countryside’.

We wanted to give Dreamscope a chance to offer any type of feedback, either positive or negative about them becoming a tenant at Hurstwood Court and we couldn’t be happier about the response we got from them. ‘Hurstwood have been absolutely fantastic to us, we needed their help and they bent over backwards for us. It was smooth, easy and everyone that I spoke to was helpful and honestly, I hope we can stay at Hurstwood Court for a long time.

We can’t wait to see what Dreamscope do next and we are thrilled to have them at Hurstwood Court, make sure to check out their website Dreamscope.tv