The 10 Most Expensive Office Buildings in the World.


1. One World Trade Center

Rebuilt following the tragic events of 9/11, one world trade center is the tallest buildings in the United States, western hemisphere and the sixth-tallest in the world.  Construction started in 2006 and finally opened in November 2014. The total Sq.Ft of the building is up to 3 million and has leased 67%, the biggest tenant being mass media company Condé Nast which takes us 1.2 Million Sq.Ft as its main headquarters.


Floors – 104 

Height – 541M

Cost – $3,900,000,000 

Year Completed – 2014 

2.    Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is a wonderful unique building, designed in the form of nine cylindrical buildings which allows the building to have its twisted design. Construction started in 2008 and ended September 2014, currently the office building is 60% full, however, only 33% are occupied, leaving entire floors empty. This is down to the building not having the necessary licenses and permits for fire and safety, however, the building did eventually acquire them June 2017.


Floors – 128

Height – 632M

Cost – $2,400,000,000 

Year Completed – 2015


3.    Goldman Sachs Headquarters  

The Headquarters for the second largest investment bank in the world, the development of the building was plagued with several problems, including crane failures which severally injured the architect and a piece of steel fell eighteen floors onto a baseball field in use by young children, thankfully no one was injured. Construction started in 2005 and the building finally opened in 2010, the building was built in the remnants of the 9/11 attacks.


Floors – 44

Height – 228M

Cost – $2,100,000,000 

Year Completed – 2010

4.    The Shard  

Planning and construction of The Shard began early 2009 and was completed relativity quick in the summer of 2012, with the opening the 1st of February 2013, the total floor space is 1,367,784 Sq. Ft and with floors 2 – 28 providing office space which, as off 2017 is now fully let. The building has been praised for its environmentally friendly construction and energy-saving materials which allows the building to use 30% less energy than other comparable high-rise buildings.


Floors – 73

Height – 306M

Cost – $1,900,000,000 

Year Completed – 2013

5.    Taipei 101   

Built-in the financial district of Taipei in Taiwan, the building was until 2010 the world’s tallest building. The design of the Taipei 101 focused on employing Asian structures in a post-modern world, but also as Taiwan suffers from harsh tropical storms and strong earthquakes, the building was designed to combat the severe weather and withstand tremors.  Construction began in 1999 and opened new years eve 2004. Some of Taipei most prominent tenants include Google Taiwan, L’Oréal and the Taiwan Stock Exchange.


 Floors – 101

 Height – 509M

 Cost – $1,760,000,000

 Year Completed – 2004

6.    Burj Khalifa  

The tallest structure and building in the world since 2009, the Burj Khalifa broke numerous records when it opened in January 2010, including tallest existing structure, tallest structure ever built but also world longest travel distance elevator (504m) and houses the world’s highest nightclub and restaurant. Corporate office suites occupy over 25 floors of the building.


Floors – 163

Height – 828M

Cost – $1,500,000,000

Year Completed – 2010

 7.    CapitaGreen  

Located in the finical district of Singapore, the construction of the building started in 2012 and completed two years later, built by one of Asia’s largest real estate companies CapitaLand. The building was designed to be green, this involved incorporating trees into the structure itself and has a 45m high rooftop garden, the building itself has nicknamed ‘’the big tree in the city’’, the lettable area is 700,000 Sq.Ft.


Floors – 40

Height – 242M

Cost – $1,400,000,000

Year Completed – 2014

8.    Comcast Innovation & Technology Center     

The tenth tallest building in the United States, the building is the headquarters of the Comcast Corporation. Construction started 2014 and opened to the public in late 2018. The design has an innovative system to counter strong winds and storms, by having a set of five dampers containing over 125,00 gallons of water, this allows the water to act as a counterweight to bad weather and reduces swaying and potential damage to the upper levels. The Building itself houses most of Comcast employees and several television stations.


Floors – 59

Height – 342M

Cost – $1,200,000,000

Year Completed – 2018

9. Wilshire Grand Center      

Construction began on the 355m skyscraper in the financial district of Los Angeles in the middle of 2012 and completed in the summer of 2017. The building is a mixed-use retail, hotel, shopping complexes, and offices, the offices occupy over 18 floors of 677,000 of Grade A office space. Tenants include real estate agency Cushman and Wakefield, which moved 200 employees into the 24th and 25th floors.  


Floors – 73

Height – 355M

Cost – $1,200,000,000

Year Completed – 2017

10. United States Embassy

In 2008, the United States Embassy announced it was purchasing property on the south bank of the River Thames to build a brand-new state of the art embassy. Construction started the summer of 2013 and was opened to the public in January of 2018. The design of the embassy is a simple crystal cube, with the building wrapped in an outer layer of thin columns.


Floors – 13

Height – 55M

Cost – $1,000,000,000

Year Completed – 2018

All data including Floors, Height and year completed, taken from – Emporis