The shape of Manchester’s Industrial Market in 2018

Insight into the Manchester Industrial Sector show's that despite the prospect of glooming Brexit, the demand for Industrial property continues to grow

Key Insights

  • 7% year on Growth in Manchester Prime Industrial Rents.
  • Demand Across the UK during Q1 was at its strongest level since 2015
  • Retail was the most active sector with 57% of take-up through Q1

Research from Property insights Cushman & Wakefield shows us that through Q1 and Q2 demand for Industrial Property fluctuated with the marketed reacting to the constant uncertainty with Brexit. The growth of eCommerce in the sector is driving business to change their logistics solutions.

Though with a hard Brexit potentially on the table this has not stopped investors, according to Cushman ‘New investors are continuing to seek exposure to the sector on the back of structural shifts brought by e-commerce.

Cushman believe that UK logistics property is expected to remain a net beneficiary of the structural transformation set in motion by the growth of e-commerce.

So overall though the long-term future looks uncertain, in the short term Prime Rents and Yields within Manchester are growing which means the Demand for Industrial Estate is high.

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