Why Buy New?

Albion Gardens

If you’re a homebuyer, first-timer or seasoned pro, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “Do I buy an older house or a new build?” Some people love the charm and history that comes with a period build whereas others prefer the fresh feel of a new build. We’re here to help you make that important decision.

There are plenty of advantages to buying a new build, and it’s not just for financial reasons. Here are just a few of them:

1. Blank Canvas

With a new build, you are guaranteed to have a home that’s finished to the highest standards.

It’s a blank canvas, decorated and built by professionals. The carpets will be new and fresh. The walls will be scuff free, and the fixings won’t be loose or wonky. Just take a look at our Albion Gardens development to see the quality of our new builds.

If you move into a period house, whose previous resident wasn’t a dab hand at painting or putting up shelves, making changes can be costly. With the blank canvas of a new build, it’s easier to make it your own. And cheaper.

2. No Chain

When you move into an older house you run the risk of a long chain. You’ll be relying on the previous owner moving out when they said they will. If their plans fall through, your plans fall through. It’s added stress that nobody wants.

With a new build, there’s no chain. When the house is complete, you can move in without worrying about any previous owners. No chain. No stress.

3. Safety First

New builds are built with safety and security in mind. Many new houses are fitted with top quality alarm systems and they’ve been built with electrical and fire safety in mind. You can rest well knowing that your home is a safe place to be.

4. Efficiency

New builds are 60% more energy efficient and many of them include solar panels and high-quality insulation. New homes are built to keep the cold weather out and the warm air in, sparing you the high energy bills.

5. Designed for the times

Your new home will be built to cater for modern times. Bigger garages, open-plan, more power sockets, extra bathrooms, developers build their homes with you in mind. A new build will better fit your lifestyle, your family and your needs.

6. Spectacular kitchens and bathrooms

All new builds will come with brand new, modern, high-quality kitchens and bathrooms. You won’t need to worry about changing old kitchen units or that old pink bath that has definitely seen better days. You’ll be cooking and bathing in beautiful and sleek rooms from the get-go.

We’ve only named a few of the many advantages of buying a new build, but with a quick Google, you could find more benefits including the Help-to-Buy scheme.

Check out our new builds in Meltham, Albion Gardens, if you’re looking for somewhere beautiful to buy.