2018 at Hurstwood Holdings

We’ve had a record year at Hurstwood, so we thought it best to show what we’ve been up to throughout 2018, with our purchases, refurbishments and the future developments we have planned into the new year.

Standing desks and breakout rooms, do they improve productivity?

The benefits, Standing Desks. What are standing desks and break out rooms? The benefits, break out rooms. What we are doing at Hurstwood to improve productivity and workplace well-being. ‘Sitting too much can Kill you’ seriously its true.

Social media – 4 ways it has changed the property industry

Facebook has become a powerhouse Using Instagram as a virtual brochure The importance of Video on YouTube Building Client relationships with LinkedIn Facebook has become a powerhouse. Everyone uses Facebook, well almost everyone, there are more people in the entire world that have a Facebook account than who don’t, that’s 2.23 billion monthly active users […]

Wellness in the office – 3 reasons why its important.

How did we get to this point? Why investing in staff happiness/ Wellness is not a waste of money.  Good examples of wellness in the workplace. How did we get to this point? According to research from the human resource firm Investors in People, one in four employees feel unhappy at work, compared to one […]

Parents – The Ninth Biggest Mortgage Lender

New research suggests that parents are comparable to the ninth biggest mortgage lender in the UK. Mum and dad will be lending more than £6.5bn this year to help their children get on the property ladder. This is a 30% increase to last years loans of £5bn.

Kellogg’s To Relocate

Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, the multinational food manufacturing company, is set to make a big move. After spending almost three decades on Talbot Road, employees from the head office will join the likes of ITV and the University of Salford in the Orange Tower at MediaCityUK. Managing director of Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, Dave Lawlor, […]

Election Impact: The Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse continues to grind forward. Minister Andrew Percy believes that northern business is “firing on all cylinders.” The campaign, originally pioneered by George Osborne, has continued to secure pledges from very prominent companies across the country. Including names such as Santander, Ernst & Young, and Vodaphone, over 90 leading organisations have now pledged […]